The Dragon Dream

Research | February 4, 2022

The Project

A proponent of new music, I promote an expanded canon of core bassoon repertoire pieces including works by women and people of color. Throughout my career, I have developed a genuine and serious affection for Chinese culture, language, literature, history, and philosophy. Therefore, I would like to combine these affections with my performance craft by engaging creatives from the Chinese nations. For this project, I aim to promote Chinese composers, or composers born abroad of Chinese heritage (Chinese diaspora), in several ways.

  • Commission new pieces
  • Provide a professional-level recording
  • Concertize these pieces in the United States and China as a part of the new canon
  • Publish papers or present at conferences about this experience
  • Promote these new scores to establish a core repertoire of Chinese works for bassoon

The Vision

“The Dragon Dream” (龙之梦) is an intangible concept seeded in the minds of China’s youth, or the youth of those born abroad of Chinese heritage, with knowledge of the culture’s former greatness and power, which institutes a nearly insurmountable challenge to hew to, or perhaps reclaim the status of the culture’s former glory. This journey is often personal and can be experienced spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and in many other ways. Regardless, receiving a calling from the honorable ancestral homeland can be experienced through oral histories, memories, dreams, spiritual connections, and unidentifiable pressures from the supernatural forces of the unrelenting dragon within oneself.