Howe Faculty Writing Fellows

Research | May 5, 2021

In Spring 2021, Dr. Pergram became a Howe Faculty Writing Fellow through the Howe Center for Writing Excellence. This fellowship program focuses on guiding faculty cohorts to help their students write more effectively. The music cohort consisted of Dr. Aaron Pergram (bassoon), Dr. Thomas Garcia (ethnomusicology), and Dr. Wallis Vore (clarinet). These three faculty members teach large, Global Miami Plan courses in music. Global Miami Plan courses are a critical part of the core liberal arts education at Miami University.

Threshold Concepts

Two threshold concepts were identified during the program, including cultural awareness and affective experience.

Writing Well in Music

As a result, Dr. Pergram authored a writing guide for students, regardless of major, on how to write well in a music course in the liberal arts. You can view that guide by clicking here.